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Watch the Latest Hearing

For anyone interested in a spin free version of today’s public hearing with Michael Cohen, the U.S House Committee on Oversight & Reform (also C-Span) is providing a livestream via YouTube. Testimony should start around 10am EST today. – Michael Whay, Streaming-TV » https://ift.tt/2GMYrn4

House Democrats tell Ajit Pai: Stop screwing over the public

On Thursday this week, the Communications Subcommittee will hold a hearing about the impact of Pai’s net neutrality repeal on consumers, small businesses, and free speech. Witnesses who have been invited to testify at the hearing include former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, cable industry chief lobbyist Michael Powell (who is also a former FCC chairman), and representatives of Mozilla, Free Press, and Eastern Oregon Telecom. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica » http://bit.ly/2HZDcQ6
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