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Arizona Bill Would Charge Porn Consumers $20 to Fund Trump’s Border Wall

According to the bill, called the “Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act,” all devices that access the internet sold in Arizona would be required to have porn blocker software pre-installed, and distributors who fail to do so would be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. – Samantha Cole, MOTHERBOARD » http://bit.ly/2T8NoXA

The Current Definition of ‘Broadband’ Is Too Slow and Ajit Pai Refuses to Change it

“It is time to be bold and move the national broadband standard from 25 Megabits to 100 Megabits per second,” [Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel] stated. “When you factor in price, at this speed the United States is not even close to leading the world. That is not where we should be and if in the future we want to change this we need both a more powerful goal and a plan to reach it. Our failure to commit to that course here is disappointing. I regretfully dissent.” – Karl Bode, MOTHERBOARD https://ift.tt/2vBGGjl

Senate wants emergency alerts to go out through Netflix, Spotify, etc.

Senators in Hawaii and South Dakota think so, having just introduced a bill (the “Reliable Emergency Alert Distribution Improvement,” or READI, act) that would “explore” broadcasting alerts to “online streaming services, such as Netflix and Spotify,” amongst other changes to the Emergency Alert System. – Greg Kimparak, TechCrunch https://ift.tt/2JAHkSi

Republican congressman introduces bill to make net neutrality law

Today, Congressman Mike Coffman (R-CO) introduced the 21st Century Internet Act to the House of Representatives. This bill seeks to codify the principles of net neutrality into law, taking the decision out of the hands of the Federal Communications Commission. It adds an entirely new section to the Communications Act of 1934, Title VIII, and prohibits blocking, throttling and paid prioritization of legal internet content. – Swapna Krishna, Engadget https://ift.tt/2LfBB9r
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