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Wi-Fi branding to get a lot simpler with upcoming “Wi-Fi 6”

The 802.11 group produces dated standards every few years, most recently 802.11-2016, and then publishes amendments to these standards. The amendments are named alphabetically, and it’s these amendment names that have come to be used to refer to particular Wi-Fi technology. For example, the original 802.11-1997 standard was amended by 802.11a (54Mbit/s over 5GHz radio), 802.11b (11Mbit/s over 2.4GHz radio), and 802.11g (54Mbit/s over 2.4GHz) and, correspondingly, we see devices claiming to support 802.11a/b/g. Most of the other letters are also used to define additional features. – Peter Bright, Ars Technica https://ift.tt/2IyzTMt

Amazon Fire TV Recast lets you send live TV streams to your device

Fire TV Recast has two tuners, and a 500GB DVR, and will cost $229.99. A four tuner and 1TB DVR version is also coming on November 14th, that would let you record up to four shows at a time and will cost $279.99. – Shannon Liao, The Verge https://ift.tt/2xuApXz

Amazon Fire TV Game Controller no longer works with the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon has recently added the line “not compatible with Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD – Pendant Design, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, or Fire TV Cube” to the product page of their Fire TV Game Controller. Trying to pair the controller to a Fire TV 3 running the latest software version doesn’t work since the streaming device cannot find the controller. The controller used to work fine with the Fire TV 3. It pairs with and works with the Fire TV 3 running the previous software version, so support for the controller was recently removed. – AFTVnews https://ift.tt/2NLLQn9

US connected TV devices market set for 7% annual growth

Gaming consoles have been to date the leading installed and internet-connected TV device in the US, but NPD now predicts that by the end of 2018 they will be surpassed by the number of streaming media players and smart TVs installed and connected to the internet. According to the forecast, smart TVs will overtake this leading position, driven by sales of smart TVs 40 inches and below coming equipped with operating systems, continued growth of internet connect rates, growing usage of streaming video services, and rising 4K/Ultra HD adoption due to the fact that virtually all 4KTVs now come with apps installed. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News https://ift.tt/2oNC31H
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