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Berlin: Anti-Netflix Protests Hit Fest Premiere of Isabel Coixet’s ‘Elisa & Marcela’

Holding signs reading “No Netflix films in Berlinale competition” and “Kino statt Stream Festival” (“Cinema, not a streaming festival”), the group — around a half-dozen or so people — expressed their disapproval of the Berlinale’s decision to include Coixet‘s film in official competition. – Scott Roxborough, The Hollywood Reporter » http://bit.ly/2TVmJyd

Netflix refuses to film new show in North Carolina over anti-LGBTQ law

It’s the part about banning local governments from passing LGBTQ protections that became a stumbling block for Netflix, according to [Josh] Pate, the creator of OBX. Pate said that if North Carolina could repeal that part of the law sooner, Netflix might agree to let him shoot the series in the state. – Alex Bollinger, LGBTQ Nation » http://bit.ly/2TDD8GM

Netflix Changes ‘Sexist’ ‘Pocahontas’ Summary After Online Protest

photo: Disney

Of course, Disney’s animated classics almost always featured a love story of some kind, and it may seem nit-picky to go after one teeny sentence. But when [Dr. Adrienne Keene] looked up similar descriptions on the streaming site, the one for “Pocahontas” still stuck out to her. – Sara Boboltz, The Huffington Post

Netflix and Reddit Join the ‘Internet Slowdown’ Protest to Save Net Neutrality

Wednesday’s scheduled internet slowdown, a protest designed to show consumers what life without net neutrality rules would be like, is getting some real momentum behind it: Netflix just agreed to show all of its users a perpetual “loading” icon, making it the biggest company to sign on, according to an emailed press release from the protest’s organizers. – Jason Koebler,MOTHERBOARD
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