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New VR Streaming Service: BitTorrent Meets Blockchain Meets YouTube Meets Twitch

SLIVER.tv, an eSports-streaming Twitch competitor, is launching a new decentralized streaming network powered by blockchain. The resulting network will act like BitTorrent, where files are distributed globally on thousands or millions of computers, and distribution nodes on the system will earn cryptocurrency tokens by caching and relaying video streams. – John Koetsier, Forbes http://ift.tt/2A1GMS6

Roku Gets Tough on Pirate Channels, Warns Users 

A “WARNING!” message that pops up during the installation of these third-party channels stresses that Roku has no control over the content. In addition, the company notes that these channels may be removed if it links to copyright infringing content. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak http://ift.tt/2uYSYiz

Roku makes it easy to launch a streaming TV channel

That will come via its new Roku Direct Publisher tool, which lets the people who have videos make a channel for the box, without having to do any coding. Of course, you will need somewhere to host the content for your streaming channel, but if you already have that then getting content in front of Roku’s 10 million or so active accounts (those that have actively streamed in the last 30 days) is as easy as writing this blog post. – Richard Lawler, Engadget http://ift.tt/2d30hjm

Anvato Featured as Launch Partner for New Facebook Video API

Anvato, the complete TV Everywhere platform provider, today announced that it has implemented the latest Facebook video API, introduced today at the F8 conference in San Francisco. […] Anvato focuses on the high-end media and broadcast sector, where hundreds of TV channels use Anvato’s TV Everywhere Platform to edit premium, broadcast quality video in the cloud and syndicate to multiple destinations. The latest enhancements to the Facebook video API allow for more control and customization of videos on Facebook, helping organizations better reach their audiences. Publishing rules for social syndication on Facebook can be automated in the Anvato platform. – Light Reading
(Full Story: http://ow.ly/2WyQP1)

Bop.fm Music Streaming Aggregator Lets Users Follow Playlists

bop.fm a unified music streaming platform that simplifies sharing and listening to records from multiple sources online, today introduced a useful “follow” feature for user-created playlists. […] With an ever-growing number of music streaming options on the Web, such as Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud, sharing your favorite records or newly discovered gems is complicated. If your friends haven’t adopted the same services as you, sending across “share” links is pretty pointless. Bop.fm solves this problem by binding all of these sources into a single portal. – Nick Summers,TheNextWeb
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