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Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ Premiere on Netflix Drew 1.1 Million U.S. Viewers, Nielsen Says

On its premiere date (April 17), the concert film on Netflix reached 1.1 million U.S. viewers and garnered an average minute audience of 828,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. The film — following Beyoncé and her performance at 2018 Coachella, which paid homage to America’s historically black colleges and universities — received a similar average minute viewing audience over the course of the next few days heading into the April 20-21 weekend. – Todd Spangler, Variety » http://bit.ly/2Eb0jD1

Amazon Fire TV now claims more than 34M active users

Amazon’s new active user totals for Fire TV keep it ahead of competitor Roku, which last week announced that its active accounts increased by 2 million from last quarter and now total 29 million. – Ben Munson, FierceVideo » http://bit.ly/2LG759V

Netflix execs say they’ll finally start releasing viewership data soon

Chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke about the company’s new transparency initiative during an investors call on Tuesday. Sarandos told investors that the company will start releasing “more specific and granular data and reporting” to different groups soon. Producers will receive those numbers first, followed by subscribers, then press. The goal is to be “more fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world,” according to Sarandos. – Julia Alexander, The Verge » http://bit.ly/2DklqSX

‘Game of Thrones Season Premiere Pirated 54 million Times in a Day’

Data published by piracy monitoring firm MUSO suggests that the season opener of Game of Thrones was pirated 54 million times in the first 24 hours. Unauthorized streaming services were most used, while torrent downloads were good for roughly ten percent of the total. Most pirates come from India, followed by China and the United States. – Ernesto, TorrentFreak » http://bit.ly/2VLNd5Y

Netflix Shuffles Episode Orders, Denies Basing It on Your Sexual Identity

The curious issue came to light when Out in Tech cofounder/LGBTQ+ tech advocate Lukas Thoms suggested on Twitter that Love, Death & Robots changes up the episode order “based on whether Netflix thinks you’re gay or straight.” Thoms shared side-by-side screen grabs of playlists that open with the official first episode, “Sonnie’s Edge” (in which the titular lesbian hero braves an underground world of “beastie” fights), or, as he put it, one that features “the most realistic and explicit hetero sex.” – Matt Webb Mitovich, TVLine » https://ift.tt/2Fg0Lji

Netflix Content Boss Cindy Holland Says SVOD In ‘Very Early Stages’, Talks Curation & Cancellations, Shares Viewership Data – INTV

Speaking of viewership data, Holland revealed that most subscribers watch the platform on their TVs over mobile phones though the latter is growing. Average members watch two hours a day with weekends and holiday viewing being higher than weekdays as that’s when audiences have more time. – Anthony D’Alessandro, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/2ChcjSG
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