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Comcast to build on Sky’s Now TV platform

Stephen Burke, senior EVP & CEO, NBCUniversal, told an investor call the new service would include 80% of the broadcaster’s most popular shows. It would be distributed free to Comcast customers in North America and Sky subscribers in Europe. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News » http://bit.ly/2Badjas

Comcast Voice-Remote Rejects “Dick Van Dyke” Search: “I Cannot Handle That Type of Language”

Two users have confirmed to THR that the remote gets snippy when asked to play episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show. “Sorry, I cannot handle commands with that type of language,” it responds. Commands for “Dick Van Dyke” are now able to be completed after the problem was discovered[.] – Chris Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter http://bit.ly/2FaMfuL

Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed

Based on our tests, signing up for standalone Internet or TV service on Comcast.com often requires payment of a $59.99 or $89.99 installation fee, depending on where you live. (The fee was $60 in two Massachusetts suburbs and $90 at homes in Houston, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.) In cases where the $60 or $90 fee is charged, the fee is required whether you purchase your own modem or rent one from Comcast for another $11 a month. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica https://ift.tt/2L3TR2K
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