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Comcast Boss Brian Roberts Says NBCU Streaming Plan Won’t Mean “Cold Turkey” Exit From Third-Party Licensing Deals

“Our thinking going in is, we have an awful lot of content,” Roberts said. “Some of it will monetize best being on an advertising platform, others will monetize best being on a third-party platform. We’re very much focused on not just, as others have said, going completely cold turkey and taking it off all these other platforms. I don’t think that’s our mindset at the moment. We like those relationships.” – Dade Hayes, Deadline Hollywood » https://ift.tt/2IzpC6m

Comcast to build on Sky’s Now TV platform

Stephen Burke, senior EVP & CEO, NBCUniversal, told an investor call the new service would include 80% of the broadcaster’s most popular shows. It would be distributed free to Comcast customers in North America and Sky subscribers in Europe. – Julian Clover, Broadband TV News » http://bit.ly/2Badjas

Comcast Voice-Remote Rejects “Dick Van Dyke” Search: “I Cannot Handle That Type of Language”

Two users have confirmed to THR that the remote gets snippy when asked to play episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show. “Sorry, I cannot handle commands with that type of language,” it responds. Commands for “Dick Van Dyke” are now able to be completed after the problem was discovered[.] – Chris Gardner, The Hollywood Reporter http://bit.ly/2FaMfuL

Comcast charges $90 install fee at homes that already have Comcast installed

Based on our tests, signing up for standalone Internet or TV service on Comcast.com often requires payment of a $59.99 or $89.99 installation fee, depending on where you live. (The fee was $60 in two Massachusetts suburbs and $90 at homes in Houston, Texas, and Seattle, Washington.) In cases where the $60 or $90 fee is charged, the fee is required whether you purchase your own modem or rent one from Comcast for another $11 a month. – Jon Brodkin, Ars Technica https://ift.tt/2L3TR2K
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