I only watched free streaming services for a month, and I didn’t miss much

Instead, my overall view of streaming services changed. Instead of looking at them like cable, where you sign up and then you have it all the time, I look at them as options, for a time and place. It turns out that what is available for free serves a lot of my needs, and when I want to see a movie or TV show, it’s easy enough to either buy or rent the movie and buy episodes of the TV show once they’re available. – Kris Wouk, Digital Trends https://ift.tt/2t2vvPi

Netflix and Alphabet will need to become ISPs, fast

Ultimately, Alphabet’s strategic advantage against Comcast, AT&T and other massive ISPs is going to rest on a sort of mutually assured destruction. If Comcast throttles YouTube, then Alphabet can propose launching in a critical (read: lucrative) Comcast market. Further investment in Fiber, Project Fi or perhaps a 5G-centered wireless strategy will be required to give it to the leverage to bring those negotiations to a better outcome. – Danny Crichton, TechCrunch https://ift.tt/2LKflkr

Here’s How Limited Your Carrier’s ‘Unlimited’ Phone Plans Really Are

[The] soft cap on the amount of mobile data available to you varies greatly depending on what carrier you’re on and what plan you have. AT&T is currently the lowest with a soft cap of 22GB before you get throttled. Sprint isn’t much better with a 23GB limit, while T-Mobile lets you gobble up 50GB of data before potentially reducing your speeds. Verizon on the other hand is all over the place. For the base Go Unlimited plan, Verizon doesn’t actually tell you what the soft cap is, while Beyond Unlimited sports a cap of 22GB, with Above Unlimited offering 75GB of data. So despite what you may think, this is what “unlimited” data actually means to carriers right now. – Sam Rutherford, Gizmodo http://gizmo.do/0Vdr7Z7

Apple signs a streaming deal with Oprah Winfrey, raising its Hollywood profile

[Apple] said it had reached an overall agreement with Oprah Winfrey for the entertainment impresario to provide content to its streaming service. Touting a “unique, multi-year content partnership,” the company said in a statement that Winfrey will “create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world.” – Steven Zeitchik, The Seattle Times https://ift.tt/2JEOsBU
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