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Netflix Increases Debt by $2 Billion to Fund Programming Push

Netflix finished last quarter with $8.3 billion in long-term debt so the new debt, details of interest and maturity dates still to come, will put the leader in streaming over $10 billion in debt as it still burns cash. In the most recent quarter, it reported a cash-burn of about $1.7 billion. – Paul Bond, The Hollywood Reporter

‘Disenchantment’ Renewed by Netflix

Netflix today announced that it has ordered another 20 episodes of Matt Groening’s animated fantasy comedy. Together with the show’s initial 20-episode order, that’s a guaranteed four seasons of the show, carrying it through 2021. – Jamie Lovett,

Discovery and PGA Tour Tee Up ‘GOLFTV’ Streaming Brand for 2019 Launch

Discovery’s $2 billion swing at the international golf market is taking shape, with its upcoming streaming service to be branded “GOLFTV.” The OTT service will tee off around the world at the beginning of 2019 and have live PGA Tour coverage in a raft of territories at launch. More territories will get the live coverage in the next four years as existing rights deals play out. – Stewart Clarke, Variety

Why media people are furious over Facebook’s bad video metrics

Now advertisers are suing over the company allegedly cooking the books and not disclosing this miscalculation. And media people are fuming about this development. Rightfully so: The media industry over the last two-plus years has been punctuated by an awful euphemism known as the “pivot to video.” With traditional digital advertising revenue flatlining, Facebook managed to convince online publishers that video would be the next media goldmine. The company jumped headfirst into the medium–changing its algorithm to favor moving images, while convincing both advertisers and publishers alike that a long-term, video-first strategy would be the answer to their revenue woes. – Cale Guthrie Weissman, Fast Company

Sony Promotes Kodi Streaming Add-Ons as Ideal for its Android TVs – TorrentFreak

The vast majority of users of Kodi and/or Sony’s TVs will not know which add-ons they are supposed to use and which ones are legal and which ones are not. That said, it’s almost inevitable that they’ll gravitate towards the ones offering the most exciting content, which means precisely the type of addon being targeted by ACE and by default, Sony Pictures. – Andy, TorrentFreak
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