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YouTubers are not your friends

Sociologists Richard Wohl and Donald Horton originally coined the concept of parasocial interactions and relationships in 1956 to explain how audiences developed attachments to media figures. It boils down to one-sided affection: a person invests emotional energy and attachment in a media figure, and they develop a sense of kinship and intimacy that makes them feel as though they know the celebrity — even though the celebrity has no idea they even exist. – Megan Farokhmanesh, The Verge

Nicolas Cage Knows That Most People Watch His Movies on VOD, and He’s OK With That

The thing is, like any other film actor, at first I took umbrage with the idea of video-on-demand because you want your movies to be on the big screen. And then I began to embrace it. It has quickly become the model and the format that is most watched. Nobody looks at video-on-demand numbers. People don’t actually understand how many people are tuning in and how much money these people are making. The only reason I’m still making movies is because the video-on-demand format has been very, very successful for me. People have noticed that in the industry who are putting movies together. – Nicolas Cage via Eric Kohn, IndieWire

Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson to Take Part in ‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service

All of Fox News’ most popular personalities – including hosts from the 21st Century Fox-owned network’s primetime lineup and its “Fox & Friends” morning show – are expected to have regular roles on the subscription-based outlet, the network said Wednesday. The subscription price has yet to be announced. The service, said to be aimed at so-called Fox News “super fans,” is expected t launch in the fourth quarter. – Brian Steinberg, Variety

US connected TV devices market set for 7% annual growth

Gaming consoles have been to date the leading installed and internet-connected TV device in the US, but NPD now predicts that by the end of 2018 they will be surpassed by the number of streaming media players and smart TVs installed and connected to the internet. According to the forecast, smart TVs will overtake this leading position, driven by sales of smart TVs 40 inches and below coming equipped with operating systems, continued growth of internet connect rates, growing usage of streaming video services, and rising 4K/Ultra HD adoption due to the fact that virtually all 4KTVs now come with apps installed. – Joseph O’Halloran, Rapid TV News
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