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NFL Broadcasting Stocks Slump As Protests Rise And TV Ratings Fall

Ratings for the the NFL have been worse this season and attendance for some games has also been disappointing. The networks will pay over $5 billion this season to televise the NFL and were already facing unflattering margins on advertising profits. An article in The Hollywood Reporter reckons the drop in NFL ratings could trim the broadcaster’s earnings by $200 million. Disney’s ESPN, meanwhile, also continues to get hammered by cord-cutting. – Mike Ozanian, Forbes

Nielsen Suing ComScore Over “Extended TV” Offering

In the latest legal skirmish between the audience measurement companies, Nielsen claims that comScore, Inc. is breaching a remedial agreement for using Nielsen’s PPM data “to provide services in the ‘CrossPlatform’ market (at minimum, TV and online audience measurements). But the suit says comScore’s new Extended TV offering, which “will provide television audience measurement in the absence of online audience measurement for virtually all programming and the vast majority of networks,” the lawsuit states. – Patrick Hipes, Deadline Hollywood

ESPN Will Count Linear, Streaming Audiences as One

Monday’s broadcast day will be the first on which ESPN will offer a live “total audience” number that reflects both traditional TV watching as well as viewing via streaming services, executives said Friday. ESPN and Nielsen, the media-measurement firm upon whose data the industry relies, will add to that number over the next few weeks, adding in viewing done on mobile screens as well as viewing done via “out of home” sources, like TVs in bars and hotels. – Brian Steinberg,

Rumor: The Punisher release date set for October

It does seem weird, though, that The Punisher was left out of the Netflix new releases in October list. One would think that would have been a great opportunity to announce the release date and show all the great shows coming to Netflix in the next month. It also would lessen the sting of the shows Netflix is losing next month. – Bryce Olin, Netflix Life

Throttling streaming video will save Verizon $2.5 billion a year

Research from analyst Chetan Sharma estimates that AT&T and Verizon saw data consumption double, based on a 24-hour time window, after the introduction of unlimited plans. That kind of overnight increase is unsustainable, no matter how good the network. Data from OpenSignal and Ookla showed some kind of change or slowdown in Verizon’s network after the introduction of unlimited plans, although that may have been a result of customers hitting the deprioritization threshold, rather than an all-around speed decrease. – Chris Mills, BGR
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