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Spotify launches standalone mobile app that gives artists streaming data and more controls

Through the app, artists can update their public profile — including biography, picks, and playlists — from their phones. They can also view real-time data on the number of listens their new music racks up after it’s released, as well as demographic information that breaks down who is listening to their tunes. – Paul Sawers, VentureBeat

Radio thrives as a place for music discovery despite the streaming threat

Although it seems like streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music are dominating the music scene, the 2017 edition of Nielsen’s Music 360 report found that 49% of people still discover new tunes via good ol’ fashioned AM/FM radio. As you can see in this chart from, that compares 27% who use online music services. – Caroline Cakebread, Business Insider

Apple Music will stream documentary on Pink’s new album October 13th

Superstar P!nk is about to launch her seventh studio album, Beautiful Trauma, on October 13th. To celebrate (and get the hype machine moving, of course), she’s teamed up with Apple Music for an exclusive behind-the-scenes documentary titled On the Record: Pink – Beautiful Trauma. The short film will release October 13th on Apple Music. – Rob LeFebvre, Engadget

Microsoft will soon shutter its music store and streaming service, move users to Spotify

Starting December 31, the Groove Music app will lose its features for streaming, purchasing and downloading music. Microsoft promises that moving to Spotify will be pretty seamless and that virtually all the songs and playlists that Groove users created over the years will transfer to the new service. – Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch

Tencent tried to buy Spotify earlier this year

Spotify has emerged as the top music streaming service worldwide, with more than 140 million active users and 60 million paying customer. The 11-year-old company is reportedly valued at $13 billion, its primary rival is Apple, which launched its service years later and continues to play catchup. Apple Music reached 27 million paying users this past June. – Jon Russell, TechCrunch

Spotify launches an iMessage app for texting songs to friends

Spotify has quietly launched its own iMessage application that let you text songs to friends with just a few taps. The new app hasn’t been officially announced, but appears to be similar in functionality to Spotify’s Messenger app, which went live earlier this spring as one of Messenger’s new chat extensions. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch
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