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Solar Eclipse A Downer For Netflix, But Boon For Facebook, Social Media

NASA’s Facebook Live was the top live video on the platform for the day, with more than 29 million views. At one point, NASA’s feed had a half-million simultaneous viewers from around the world. – Denise Petski, Deadline Hollywood

NASA TV to cover August 21 solar eclipse

The programme can be viewed on all NASA apps, on NASA’s Live Stream Page, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, Twitch TV and Ustream. The broadcast will also be presented on NASA TV’s traditional TV feeds. Programming begins at 16.00 GMT (18.00 CET or 12.00pm EDT) with a preview show hosted from Charleston, South Carolina – Robert Briel, Broadband TV News

Watch the Sandman Fan Film That Earned Neil Gaiman’s Stamp of Approval

It’s “24 Hours,” originally published in 1989, and faithfully translated into live-action (with a few brief animation sequences) by Toronto-based filmmakers Evan Henderson and Nick Brown. It’s called Sandman: 24 Hour Diner, and if its 30-minute runtime gives you pause, know that Gaiman himself told the creators, and the world via Twitter, that he thought it was a job very well done. – Cheryl Eddy, Gizmodo
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