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Plex for Android Auto simplifies server-based music streaming

Google’s in-car operating system is currently available in newer vehicles, head units, and as a mobile app. And, the next time you reach for its interface, you’ll have the option to stream your Plex music library. Okay, so that’s not the same as watching a 4K HDR flick, but it will have to suffice while your eyes are still needed on the road. – Saqib Shah, Engadget

Verizon Is Eyeing Spring for the Start of Delayed Online TV Service

Web-based TV is becoming “a crowded field,” but it’s “absolutely critical” for Verizon to introduce its own platform, in part as an advertising vehicle for its AOL and Yahoo units, McAdam said at Bloomberg’s Sooner Than You Think conference last month. He added that the company would decide within six months whether to offer a stand-alone service or a partnership. – Scott Moritz & Lucas Shaw, Bloomberg Technology

Netflix, Amazon, movie studios sue over TickBox streaming device

The complaint, filed Friday, says the TickBox devices are nothing more than “tool[s] for mass infringement,” which operate by grabbing pirated video streams from the Internet. The lawsuit was filed by Amazon and Netflix Studios, along with six big movie studios that make up the Motion Picture Association of America: Universal, Columbia, Disney, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros. – Joe Mullin, Ars Technica

Netflix’s Streaming Ambitions Don’t Come Cheap

Investors know Netflix’s strategy is to spend more now, in order to control its destiny and win fans around the world. The bet is that more and better TV series and movies — preferably those made in-house — are the key. Netflix told investors Monday that it’s trying to take advantage of a “once in a generation opportunity” to capitalize on the growing interest in internet entertainment. – Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Gadfly

AI is changing how you watch TV

Netflix’s algorithms are enormously complex, offering selections based on your viewing history, the time of day, and even the places on your screen that get clicked most frequently when you search for your next binge-watch. When you click through the “Because You Watched” row, a video-to-video similarity algorithm compares everything in the Netflix library. Scrolling through specific genres automatically ranks titles based on a personalized video-ranking algorithm. There’s even an algorithm to track short-term trends to find the next cult classic. All of these algorithms work in perfect harmony to deliver you to 1.5 hours of entertainment bliss. – Alice Williams, VentureBeat
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