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Roku Under Pressure To Solve its Piracy Problem

While both IDET and Roku agree that piracy is a problem, there is a difference of opinion on where the bounds of responsibility lie. IDET holds Roku to blame when unlicensed content appears via its service but Roku insists that piracy is an Internet-wide issue that has spread to platforms everywhere. – Andy, TorrentFreak

If Streaming Is the Future of Console Gaming, It Might Be Screwed

And here’s where we get to the big problem. If streaming is a big part of the next generation of consoles then a whole lot of gamers are going to be pissed. Nvidia is already streaming resource-intensive games to its Shield console now, but the experience is… just adequate. That’s because streaming a game—especially one with 4K resolution, or HDR, or at 60 frames per second or higher—requires a lot of bandwidth, and many American gamers simply don’t have access to internet service that can handle it. – Alex Cranz, Gizmodo

YouTube adds new monetization options for creators

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s chief product officer, introduced the new features at VidCon, the annual conference for online video makers. The first feature, and the most obviously beneficial, is a $4.99 Channel Membership that lets users pay for exclusive content on a channel. That content can be emoji, livestreams, special badges, and extra videos, depending on what the content creator offers. – Rachel Kaser, The Next Web

MoviePass will start to surge prices for popular movies in July

MoviePass, the cheap movie ticket subscription service that has taken the film industry by storm, is about to introduce a controversial change to its service. Previously, you could pay a flat price to see any movie you want, but starting in July, getting tickets for high-demand movies will incur an additional fee. – Patricia Hernandez, The Verge

Influencers hold the power for YouTube, Facebook video views

Most basically, the power of views seems to be in the hands of influencers. Indeed, Tubular Labs says that there is an obvious fact: Influencers still rule the video landscape, dominating uploads and views on Facebook and Instagram when compared with brands and media publishers. Looking at share of views in the first quarter of 2018 I terms of views, the research found that influencers accounted for 84% of 1.7 billion YouTube views compared with 13% for media companies and 3% for brands, while on Facebook influencers grabbed 56% of 966 million views with media companies on 40% and brands on merely 4%. – Rapid TV News

Instagram announces IGTV, a standalone app for longer videos

Instagram today announced IGTV, a standalone app for watching long-form vertical video that will also have a tab inside the flagship app. When you log in to IGTV, it will automatically begin playing vertical videos from people you follow, along with personalized recommendations from elsewhere in Instagram. The app will be available on Android and iOS within the next day and within the flagship Instagram app sooner, the company said. – Casey Newton, The Verge
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