Critic’s Notebook: Has Anyone Noticed That the TV Industry Has Lost Its Shit Lately?

Just thinking about all of this tumult is as sentimentally heartwarming as when Cersei Lannister told all the other houses to go get their asses eaten by the dead and she’ll mop up whoever’s left. Think about these giddy times we live in, as of, say, last week: Amazon is revamping its strategy as its boss is demanding a worldwide hit, not some twee costume drama about Zelda Fitzgerald. Netflix is talking openly about budget constraints. Both streamers are cancelling series. Meanwhile, that streaming gnat Hulu might be a much bigger threat than most realized, especially after Sunday. In less than two years Disney is going to get in your wallet no matter what you’re saying now. All three premium cable channels — HBO, Showtime and Starz have an OTT component that grows bigger every week. And out there in the hamburger hills of ad-supported cable, prestige players like FX and AMC are about to seriously complicate your skinny-bundle decisions. – Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

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