Batman, One of the Last Great TV/DVD Holdouts, Finally Arrives. Was It Worth the Wait?

Delayed due to complex rights issues that pitted DC Comics parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment against Twentieth Century Fox for decades, the series has now been brought out in all digital formats. […] Regardless of which edition you purchase (the “Complete Classic” edition features all 120 episodes, the “Classic” is a best-of boxed set), the colors pop like they never have before — the show is currently running on IFC and MeTV in the non-cleaned-up version, which gives the sense that Vaseline has somehow gotten smeared on the inside AND outside of your screen. And the colors are really the thing. In one commentary, a DC Entertainment executive recalls that Batman was the show that got his parents to buy the family’s first color-TV set, and it’s easier than ever to see why. – Ivan Cohen,Vulture
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  • as a 10 year old in 1968 every day after school adam west batman and robin was the most awesome tv show when the batman and robin were in a bind and time was up then tomorrow can batman and robin survive and beat the joker – cat woman – penguin . find out at the same bat time same bat channel.before life revolved around hand held electronic stare at the screen devices as a kid in the 1960;s life was really cool. thanks for letting me vent !!!!!

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