MediaPost Publications Streaming Video Company FilmOn X Seeks Cable License 07/18/2014

Online video startup FilmOn X is now arguing that it’s entitled to a compulsory license to broadcast television shows. FilmOn X, backed by billionaire Alki David, says in court papers that the recent Supreme Court ruling against rival company Aereo supports the view that the streaming video startups are “cable systems,” which qualify for licenses. […] Justice Stephen Breyer said in the majority opinion that Aereo’s service resembled the service offered by cable companies, which must obtain licenses to transmit television shows. Aereo and FilmOn X now say that ruling means they are actually “cable systems” and allowed to stream television shows over the Internet, provided that they pay fees to broadcasters. The U.S. Copyright Office said earlier this week that it disagrees with that interpretation of the ruling. But the Copyright Office also said its position could change, depending on developments in Congress or the pending lawsuits. – Wendy Davis, MediaPost


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