WiGig devices coming next year to ease Wi-Fi congestion – SlashGear

Regular Wi-Fi networks today, particularly those on the 802.11ac protocol, utilize the 2.5 and 5 GHz frequency bands. But even those have already started to become congested. The 802.11ad protocol, on the other hand, rides on the mostly unused 60 GHz highway. This wider channel allows, in theory, up to 8 Gbps of transfer speeds. – JC Torres, SlashGear http://ift.tt/2eA4ZHb

AT&T Will Launch $35-Per-Month Streaming TV With 100+ Channels

At the WSJD Live conference on Tuesday, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced that in November his company will launch “DirecTV Now,” a streaming TV offering with more than 100 channels at an attractive price point: $35 per month. The plan will include channels from Time Warner (like TNT, TBS) and NBC Universal, which Stephenson said were two of the first media companies on board, as well as Fox, which was one of the last holdouts. – Brian Solomon, Forbes http://ift.tt/2eJtS11

Showtime Streaming Service Comes to Canada

Americans pay a $10.99 monthly fee for Showtime Networks’s stand-alone OTT offering, while Canadians will be able to stream Showtime programming via a CAN$7.99 ($5.99) a month subscription to CraveTV. The […] streaming service also includes the HBO library, which Bell Media earlier secured via a separate exclusive programming deal. Getting Showtime to Canadian cord-cutters via the CraveTV streaming service aims to help Bell Media fend off increasing competition from Netflix Canada and Amazon, which is set to launch shortly in Canada as another local streamer, Shomi, shuts down. – The Hollywood Reporter via Yahoo Movies http://ift.tt/2ePaUFG

We are living in a golden age of illegal TV streaming — and it’s putting a dent in pay-TV audiences

It is difficult to put numbers on how big illegal TV streaming has become — it’s illegal, after all. But it is clearly huge. [BBC News] reported that some individual sites are publishing 8 million TV streams per month. The Daily Mail has reported that 1 million people per month are watching the Premier League illegally on streaming sites. In the US, of those who watched the presidential debates online, 41% who watched did so on illegal streams, according to VFT Solutions, Inc., a company that protects media IP rights. – Jim Edwards, Business Insider http://ift.tt/2f3ijW3

MTV to add fan livestreams to music programming in 2017

Back in June, MTV Music tested a slot that allowed fans to broadcast their dance moves on national TV. A specific hashtag meant the show’s producers could see people’s livestreams in real-time and pick the best ones to accompany each music video. Now, MTV Australia is planning a full-time show that will utilize the same concept next year. It doesn’t have a name, but Viacom — MTV’s owner — says it will be a “truly innovative and immersive fan experience never seen on television.” – Nick Summers, Engadget http://ift.tt/2e7k7bu
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