‘Marvel Rising: Initiation’ is now streaming for free on YouTube

For much of the series, streaming for free on YouTube, the superheroes are pitted against each other. Ghost Spider (Gwen Stacey in her Spider-Gwen outfit) is attempting to clear her own name after she’s accused of murdering one of her friends by the NYPD. But with S.H.I.E.L.D. on her tail and a run-in with Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Tippy-Toe, she’s got a lot more on her plate than a mysterious and deadly villain. – Michelle Jaworski, The Daily Dot https://ift.tt/2vUCOtS

Netflix, Amazon Video, and Xfinity are accidentally re-creating cable TV

For example, imagine what the science fiction fan of 2019 will need to do to keep up with the genre’s most prominent franchise content. Star Wars will live on Disney’s new proprietary service, but new episodes of Star Trek (both Star Trek: Discovery and the upcoming Next Generation sequel) are only available on CBS All Access. Meanwhile, The Expanse is exclusive to Amazon Prime. If fans want to watch DC’s superhero shows, as well, that’ll require a DC Universe subscription — although the CW shows featuring DC characters will only be available via the CW app — or, for patient fans who want a commercial-free option, Netflix. If they want to catch up on classic Doctor Who, they’d better have a Britbox membership. – Graeme McMillan, The Verge https://ift.tt/2MgeuwD

Netflix CFO David Wells is leaving after 14 years

David Wells joined Netflix in 2004 as vice president for finance planning and analysis, before taking over as CFO in 2010. He replaced longstanding CFO Barry McCarthy, who had guided Netflix as it transitioned into becoming a public company in 2002. McCarthy now serves as CFO of Spotify, another recently public company. – Paul Sawers, VentureBeat https://ift.tt/2KOrxzV

Twitch is reportedly making a play for YouTube’s top talent

As of the company’s 2017 report, there are over 2 million streamers on Twitch, with 150,000 of them streaming often enough to be part of the Affiliate program. Surely one of those streamers has the capacity to be the next Big Name Content Creator. If Twitch has seven figures to spend on content creators, it might consider putting that money back into its existing community. – The Next Web https://ift.tt/2Mkgkwx

Valve quietly unveils streaming platform Steam TV

A few hours after Steam Database founder Pavel Djundik discovered that the company registered the domain steam.tv, the website started live streaming The International 2018, Valve’s Dota 2 esports tournament. The stream is no longer available, but CNET was able to try it out before it went offline. Based on what the publication saw, its features are still quite limited: it was able to stream the tournament, but it had no option to broadcast your own gameplay. – Marielle Moon, Engadget https://ift.tt/2vRFpos

Netflix Has Deleted All User Reviews From Its Website

The real reason Netflix junked user-submitted reviews probably was based on one question: Did they spur people to watch more content? On average, it’s doubtful. And strongly negative reviews, especially of Netflix’s own original programming, may have helped drive down users’ overall perception of the quality of the service. – Todd Spangler, Variety https://ift.tt/2OGS0lk

Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale’s Talk Shows Canceled at Netflix

The two unscripted entries — The Break With Michelle Wolf and The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale — were both only on the streaming service for a matter of months (the former premiered in May and the latter in February) before executives at the company decided to not bring them back for additional seasons. – Lacey Rose & Bryn Elise Sandberg, The Hollywood Reporter https://ift.tt/2PhiNpt
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